Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC)

Thank you, ECC's!

The Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC) is one of the most valuable assets in running a successful United Way campaign.  The ECC takes campaign detail from start to finish.  They have the task of coordinating workplace events, following up with each employee, collecting pledge forms and wrapping up the campaign.  Their combined efforts spread the United Way message to over 20,000 employees in Champaign County! We cannot say enough about the efforts provided by our ECC's.  Thank you to all our ECC's who ensure a successful United Way campaign!



2017 ECC Resources

Campaign Essentials

Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC) Guide

Campaign Supply Request Form

Pledge Form

Pillar Pledge Form

Campaign Brochure

Campaign Video


Great Campaign Extras

New Hire Brochure

What Your Dollar Buys

2017 Community Impact Fund Grant Listing (Partner Programs)


Community IMPACT One Pagers

These are great to email out to your co-workers or post on a bulletin board!



Financial Stability



Congratulations to our Employee Campaign Coordinators of the Year for the 2016 Campaign!

read more about our annual ECC Celebration

ECC of the Year Award

Recognizing innovation and great campaign work

Lori Johnson and Samuel Furrer of the Urbana School District

Ellen Kirsanoff and Alex Ivanova of the Urbana Park District

Judy Weaver of Ameren Illinois

Grace Mitchell, Christy Lazzell, Angela Bell, and Hattie LeNoir-Price of Family Advocacy in Champaign County

Sheri Ervin and Jennifer Cord of Presence Covenant Medical Center


Excellence Awards

10 or more continuous yeras of service as a United Way ECC

Lori Johnson of the Urbana School District

Ellen Kirsanoff of the Urbana Park District

Jeanne Bohlen and Pam Cloyd from Human Kinetics

Mary Beck of the Champaign County Forest Preserve

Jolinda Ross of the City of Urbana

Theresa Plotner of the Urbana-Champaign Sanitary District


View a list of Campaign Award winners from 2004-2014