Success Stories

For our 2012 Campaign video, we reached out to our partner agencies to help us identify community members whose stories we could highlight. We are often asked, "What does United Way do?" and we figured the best way to highlight our work is to let the community do the talking.

In our 2012 video, you can expect to see eight different people who have benefitted from one of our Community Impact Fund programs. We will highlight a couple who recieve Meals on Wheels when a family member is unable to cook, and a person who has a healthy smile when she could otherwise not afford routine dental care. We will highlight a wonderful family who recieves nutritious meals from a local food pantry and gives back to that same organization through volunteerism. A highlight for our staff was meeting a family who was hit hard by the recession and a job loss, and was on the brink of losing their home. Through a financial literacy  program, they were able to pay off their debts and keep their home. Their positive attitude despite all the hardship they had endured was truly inspiring. These powerful stories and the people behind them are REAL examples of neighbors your donations help every single day.

The extraordinary part is how many people we met who recieve services from more than one funded program. This really highlights the importance of the Community Impact Fund - providing funding for 67 programs in the community. When you give to the Community Impact Fund, you help over 73,000 people in our county! 

Throughout the Campaign, we will take time to highlight the stories of the eight people who are impacted by the programs on our website and Facebook page. Their stories are just a sample. We encourage you to ask your neighbors or co-workers if they have benefitted from United Way funded programs - you won't have to look far. 1 in 3 people in our community will recieve services from a UWCC program this year!

Look for the 2012 Campaign Video during your workplace campaign, and on our web site by August 29.