Everyone deserves a bed.

**Download El Toro Night Coupon**

 Over 400 people in Champaign County don't have a place to sleep tonight. This number includes many families with children who want to stay together in their time of crisis. Currently, there's no one shelter that can house an intact family - meaning they are forced to separate for the night. The good news? You can help. Through community partnerships with the Faith community, the Council for Service Providers for the Homeless and dedicated volunteers, United Way will pilot an Emergency Family Shelter beginning this December.

What we need now are supplies. There are two ways you can easily help:

1.) Do you have any spare twin sized sheets, blankets, towels or pillow cases? Bring them into Busey (Downtown Champaign, Downtown Urbana, Prospect and Kirby, and Savoy locations), the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Champaign County or the ARC at the University of Illinois. Download the flier and share with your family and friends.

2.) Do you enjoy great food and helping people at the same time? Come to El Toro (S. Neil St. location) on Monday, October 29 from 6-9PM and 20% of your total purchase will benefit the shelter. Those interested in participating should print this coupon.

Join us in creating safe, warm shelter for families this winter.