How does Copy Paper help people?

I fielded a great question today when someone called about Stuff the Bus items. They asked me, "How does copy paper help people?" The items that we're collecting for Stuff the Bus help our partner agencies reduce their expenses by providing them with large supplies of needed items. We compiled this list by asking them what they need the most. When non-profits don't spend money on administrative supplies like toilet paper and soap, they can put the dollars they save back into their programming - helping them acheive their mission and help more people.

SmileHealthy estimated a value of almost $2,000 worth of items for their programs last year - or enough to help 100 families with the dental supplies they need for 3 months. 

Times Center reported that the soap, shampoo and paper towels from Stuff the Bus would last them most of the year for the clients they are serving. They also had enough toilet paper to last them 3 months!

The Center For Women In Transition was able to provide many necessities to the women and children they serve, freeing up their limited financial resources that they could then use for other critical needs. “The outpouring of generosity from the community is overwhelming. A warehouse full of donations is a reflection of the strength of our community."

So to answer the question "How does copy paper help people?": An organization like CASA, who provides Guardian ad Litem services for children in the court system, will go through hundreds of reams of paper a year. If you are familiar with the court system, you know that just one case could have thousands of pages of accompanying documentation. That paper costs CASA money. If we can provide even a few dozen reams of paper, it frees up money that can be used to train more guardians. These guardians help children in our court system have a more powerful voice—a voice that’s focused on their best interests. And that's how copy paper really, truly helps people.