United We Win

What does United Way do?

So often, we jump into complex answers. We fund 39 programs… we raise over $3 million… we sit at the table for important community conversations… we review programs for funding… we advocate for important legislation… we fundraise at 230 workplace campaigns… all so important.

But there’s a simpler answer. 

United Way fights for the education, health and financial stability of every person in our community.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

We fight against the most critical challenges in our community. In our committees and board meetings, we don’t sugarcoat the issues – we address them head-on.

In Champaign County, we LIVE UNITED against homelessness. We fight for every community member to have a safe, decent, warm place to sleep – and we fight to get them jobs and support systems so they do not become homeless again.

In Champaign County, we LIVE UNITED against low rates of kindergarten readiness across all our schools. We fight for every child to have an equal start in school through our Kindergarten Readiness initiative, which gives parents and caregivers proven tools and supports.

In Champaign County, we LIVE UNITED against unaddressed mental illness. We fight for everyone to have access to quality, affordable mental health care. Because there’s no stigma in asking for help.

We are all members of one community – and we believe strongly that we must be United.

We’ve had some really fantastic wins this past year – the kindergarten readiness initiative is doing amazing work helping parents and children understand the importance of Read, Talk, Play Every day. The Emergency Shelter for Families opened, and we also have a men’s winter shelter every night of the week. We partnered to save services for over 1,200 mental health patients.

But we need your help to be able to fight harder and stronger against our community’s most critical problems. Because we can’t win if we don’t fight. 

In Champaign County, United Way fights for the education, health and financial stability of every person in our Community.