Martin, Hood, Friese & Associates first began supporting United Way of Champaign County when the firm opened in 1982. Kim Martin, Founding Partner, had given to United Way through his previous employer and wanted to bring the model of community impact to his new firm. The longer the firm was involved with United Way, the more they could see the issues first hand and the more they realized that United Way understands how to serve the needs of our...

Posted: Monday, September 12, 2016

For over 30 years Busey has been a strong supporter of United Way of Champaign County through their workplace campaigns, their participation in volunteer opportunities and special events, and their position as a Leadership Giving Sponsor of the Pillar Program.

Busey was awarded the 2015 Employee Campaign of the Year for raising more than $210,000 through payroll deductions, one-time donations and workplace fundraising events. Serving as co-chair...

Posted: Monday, September 05, 2016

Money: We all need to spend it, we all want to get more of it. Unfortunately, doing one often means missing out on the other. Some days it seems that there is no good way to spend on the things you want and need while maintaining a healthy bank account and planning for the future.

Not to fear! United Way is here with 5 key tips for increasing your savings without giving up on spending!


Posted: Monday, August 22, 2016

We all know daily exercise helps keep our weight down, improves heart health, and builds muscle. Recent studies have begun to suggest that frequent exercise can also help keep your brain strong and healthy and reduce the risk of age-related cognitive issues.

Exercise increases certain proteins in...

Posted: Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Today, August 9th, we celebrate National Book Lover’s Day! This day is all about sitting down with a well-loved classic or choosing something new from your bookshelf and taking the time to immerse yourself in a story.

Remember, don’t just celebrate National Book Lover’s Day by yourself! Use this day to create new book lovers by reading with your children, grandchildren, and other kids in your life!

Studies show...

Posted: Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Have you bought all your red, white, and blue gear? Have you practiced your U-S-A cheer? Have you planned out your viewing schedule, making sure you know when all your favorite sports will be on TV?

Here at United Way we are getting pretty excited for the 2016 Olympic Games, but we want to do more than just cheer on Team USA—we want to be part of the games! Get off the couch and away from the TV while still enjoying the spirit of the games by...

Posted: Thursday, August 04, 2016