Read a Book with your Child Today!

Today, August 9th, we celebrate National Book Lover’s Day! This day is all about sitting down with a well-loved classic or choosing something new from your bookshelf and taking the time to immerse yourself in a story.

Remember, don’t just celebrate National Book Lover’s Day by yourself! Use this day to create new book lovers by reading with your children, grandchildren, and other kids in your life!

Studies show that reading early and often in a child’s life can help prepare them to start kindergarten and excel in their long-term educational goals. Not only is reading important for academic excellence, it also improves creativity, imagination, emotional health, and self-confidence.

Here are a few ways to celebrate National Book Lover’s Day with the kids in your life:

·         Share your favorite books from your own childhood

·         Take them to the library or a local bookstore so they can pick out a few books to   add to their collection

·         If they know how, ask them to read one of their favorite stories to you

·         Implement a TV and computer-free day so you can really focus on your books

·         If your children need something else to do, give them the supplies to write or   draw their own stories


Happy National Book Lover’s Day from United Way of Champaign County!