Exercise: Good for Body and Mind

We all know daily exercise helps keep our weight down, improves heart health, and builds muscle. Recent studies have begun to suggest that frequent exercise can also help keep your brain strong and healthy and reduce the risk of age-related cognitive issues.

Exercise increases certain proteins in the areas of your brain responsible for memory and learning. The more you exercise the stronger those areas will be! Strong memory and learning capabilities mean that your brain is able to keep old neural connections healthy while building new ones at the same time, so you will not only retain old information, but you’ll be able to learn and try new things too. More research is being done to determine exactly how exercise works to combat specific diseases such as Alzheimer’s, but doctors are sure that it will benefit more than just your physical health!

And if you’re hoping to combine healthy exercise and improved brain function with giving back in your community, there are plenty of opportunities to do so around Champaign County! Try walking in a local 5k to support charity, or if you’re more ambitious try out one of the half- or even full-marathons coming up in our area. Check out this Race Calendar from Second Wind Running Club and start training today!