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Investing in United Way is not only good business, it’s doing good too! Supporting your community through United Way maximizes your contribution’s impact so you are doing more than you could ever do alone.

Why should your workplace partner with United Way?

  1. Your partnership with United Way is a sound investment for your company’s philanthropic goals.
  2. United Way is a leading collaborator with the ability to bring together businesses, government and non-profits to achieve business and community goals.
  3. Join over 230+ local businesses who already partner with United Way to make a difference.

Why should I offer this partnership to our employees?

  1. It makes a difference—we offer the most efficient and effective way to make a positive difference for our community.
  2. It’s a smart investment—we are the experts at managing donor investments and bringing resources together to solve the most critical needs in our community.
  3. It’s easy & convenient—we work with your staff to create opportunities to give within your company via payroll deduction or one-time gifts.

United Way is local...

The beauty of giving to United Way of Champaign County is the money raised here, stays here in our community and this is what makes United Way so unique.

United Way offers choice...

Employees have the opportunity to let United Way meet the critical needs in Champaign County by giving to the Community Impact Fund. Employees can also choose to split their donation among our 4 community goals and they can also choose to direct their gift to any 501(c)3 organization.
How can my company partner with United Way?

  • Start a workplace campaign
  • Provide a tax-deductible corporate gift or grant
  • Develop an employee gift match program
  • Participate in volunteer events in the community to bring together the impact of donating
  • Learn more about the work of United Way and join a board, committee or special event

If you are interested in knowing more about United Way and would like to consider conducting a United Way campaign, please email us:!