Campaign Supply Request Form

Company Contact Information
Please list the corporate name as you wish it to appear on all United Way recognitions.

Important Dates
If you are uncertain of your specific dates, please choose the first day of the month you intend to begin your campaign.
If you are uncertain of your specific dates, please choose the last day of the month you intend to end your campaign.

United Way Speakers are a Campaign Best Practice!

In our annual survey of Campaign Coordinators, a United Way Speaker was rated as the #1 Campaign Resource - yes, more important than the pens, posters and pledge forms!

We've got the data to back it up. Workplaces that annually host a United Way speaker had employee pledges on average 27% higher than those who did not - and participation rates among employees were 50% higher than at campaigns which did not host a speaker.

Our speakers are highly trained and effective. Campaigns that hosted a United Way Speaker last year gave our staff 4.75/5 stars for effectiveness!

Every campaign is important.

  • Any size group - one person or one hundred!
  • Any time of day or night (We're serious! We have presented at 3AM before.)
  • Can't bring everyone together at once? We often come out to our partners for different department meetings over multiple days or weeks.
  • Any length of time. We can speak for 30 seconds to 15 minutes. If time allows, we love to share our Campaign Video.

During the Fall Campaign, United Way Campaign staff's main job is to speak with as many people in our community as possible. Let us help you achieve campaign success - host a United Way speaker!


United Way staff will be in touch with you to schedule your speaker date(s) and time(s).

Campaign Essentials

Thanks to our in-kind sponsors, United Way can send one pledge form, pen, and brochure for each of your employees!

Last year, Campaigns that distributed pens, pledge cards and brochures to every employee had 287% higher participation rates (!!) and 68% higher giving than campaigns that did not.

Pillar Packets

You will recieve Pillar Leadership Giving Packets for all employees who pledged $500 or more last year. Thank you very much for distributing these to your employees.


United Way will use this number when calculating your participation rate and determining campaign awards.
Please indicate the number of collection envelopes you need.


Make your campaign visible with our fun Promotional Items!

These are updated annually with fresh artwork and messaging.

Please indicate the quantity you need.

Also available online.
24" x 36" full color poster to track your campaign progress
Great for kickoffs or celebrations! United Way will inflate and bring to you. One bouquet contains 5 balloons and lasts for one work day.
11" x 17" double-sided posters. Great for high use areas like break rooms, lunch areas and restrooms!
A great way to bring visibility to your campaign. Many companies place near employee parking lots or entrances.
Additional promotional items such as t-shirts, cups, paper pads and more are available for raffles or employee incentives.