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Community Resources

Help Book

Family Service collaborated with the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District and United Way of Champaign County to improve this community resource guide for human and social services in Champaign County. The alphabetical listing (in larger font) has returned in addition to the comprehensive category index.

Fifteen thousand copies of the Help Book are available for distribution. Call Dawn at 217-352-0099 to reserve copies or stop by Family Service at 405 S. State St., Champaign or C-U Public Health at 201 N. Kenyon Rd., Champaign.

Born Learning

Born Learning is a national public engagement campaign helping parents, caregivers and communities create early learning opportunities for young children.  It’s built on awareness, education and action.

United Way as a community leader, galvanizes communities to change lives and is leading efforts to increase school readiness throughout the country.  As the nation’s largest and most far-reaching network of coalitions and a powerful force for change, Success By 6 has done that for almost two decades, with some 350 public-private partnerships working to boost school readiness.  Operating through United Ways, Success By 6 coalitions are mobilizing business, government and non-profit leaders around early learning.  They’re building public support and political will to increase investments, improve services and boost support for young children and their families and caregivers.

Throughout the early years, your child will grow and change tremendously.  For more information about your child's age and stage, use the following tools.

Birth  -   2 months   -   4-6 months   -   6-12 months   -   12-18 months
18-24 months   -   24-36 months   -   3 years   -   4 years   -   5 years

FamilyWize Prescription Discount Cards.

United Way distributes Free FamilyWize cards.  These cards can reduce prescription drug costs by an average of 35%.  They are being distributed through our United Way and other organzations in our area for people with no prescription drug coverage.

Cards are available to:

  • Anyone who does not currently have health insurance
  • Anyone who does not have prescription coverage
  • Anyone who is purchasing a medication not covered by their insurance

Find a Participating Pharmacy

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