September Book Recommendations - Back to School

The school year is kicking off, so September’s theme is BACK TO SCHOOL! It’s important to save time for some fun reading, even when teachers start piling on the homework. Picking books you can enjoy during your spare time can actually make you a stronger, more prepared student—you’ll become a great reader and improve those writing and spelling skills too! Even math and science skills are affected by reading comprehension. Parents with first-time students can check out a larger list of pre-school books with our Getting Ready for Kindergarten calendar.

Board Books (Pre-K)

  • Countdown to Kindergarten, by Alison McGhee
  • Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten, by Joseph Slate
  • First Day Jitters, by Julie Danneberg

Early Reader (School-age kids)

  • Junie B. Jones, by Barbara Park
  • Frindle, by Andrew Clements
  • Fudge series, by Judy Blume

Young Adult (Ages 14-21)

  • Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie, by David Lubar
  • The Outsiders, by S. E. Hinton