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While we've always strongly encouraged every Workplace Campaign to host a United Way speaker and show the Campaign Video, we didn't fully realize how deeply connected those two factors were to campaign success... until we analyzed the data.. 

In 2018, when compared to those who did not host a speaker, companies that DID host a United Way speaker had...
  • 50% higher campaign participation rates
  • 27% higher employee giving!
But our jaws REALLY dropped when we saw the data for companies that showed the United Way video, versus those who did not...
  • 112% higher campaign participation rates
  • 92% higher employee giving!
We know every workplace is different. We will work with you to develop a United Way presentation schedule that's right for your company.
  • Any size group
  • Any number of presentations - for one of our partners, we give over 20 presentations for their different divisions!
  • Multiple work sites? No problem!
  • Any length of time (seriously... even if you only have one minute!)
  • Any time of day or night - yes, we have presented at 2am! 
Please consider scheduling a United Way speaker and/or video presentation. We love public speaking! Even if you've hosted a speaker in prior years, remember that new employees may have joined your team. Plus, we always have new success stories to share.

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