Chase's Job

 For a building to be stable in the long run, it needs a solid foundation. The same is true for our children.

Chase* is a 14 year old student. He’s part of Cunningham Children’s Home’s Vocational Education Program. Cunningham is a safe place where children and adolescents with serious emotional and behavioral disabilities can heal, learn, and grow.

Chase is a full time student. He also has a part time job at a local waste management company. He has big dreams and goals for his future after he graduates from high school. The vocational program he’s in helps him build important job skills to propel him towards his dreams.

Chase said, “I was surprised by how much I enjoyed my job. I have learned how to manage money and improved my social skills and personal work skills. I also learned how to respond to different situations [at work]. It’s helped me get a grasp on the reality of being in the real world and earning my own money.” Chase’s Employment Specialist helps guide him through challenges and keep his eye on his goals.

Cunningham’s Vocational Program is one of 53 programs that receive a grant from United Way’s Community Impact Fund. Students just like Chase are building a solid foundation and a bright future for themselves thanks to your support.


*Name has been changed