Difference Makers - 92nd Annual Meeting

The Difference Maker award is presented annually to groups or individuals who have made an impact on our organization and the community. They Give, Advocate and Volunteer. We were proud to present the following with our Difference Maker award at our 92nd Annual Meeting, February 26, 2016.


Laura Huth – Laura has been working tirelessly for the past two years organizing and coordinating an Institute for Non Profit Leadership with more than 30 non- profit and higher education institutions across Central Illinois.  Thank you Laura for your support of the non-profit sector.

Peter Schmidt and UpClose Printing – Peter has always been supportive of United Way, providing us with excellent service and a great price for the work we need done.  We thought we were sort of special getting all that attention…until we realized that they were that nice to so many non-profits! Peter, your team – shameless shout out to Kelly and Shelley –are an awesome community resource!

Alec Gillespie and Roland Realty – When we needed a hand with moving furniture and things for the Emergency Shelter for Families, Alec didn’t flinch. He offered his time, his staff’s time and the means to transport. They even stored furniture and other items for a couple of months at no cost to us.  He was so gracious and we appreciate him and Roland Realty for all they have done to help out the Shelter. 

Dan and Barb Davies – As Canteen Run volunteers they coordinate the winter emergency shelter and are quiet heroes that make it their mission to support the homeless in our community.  For years they have gone out of an evening to pass out blankets and coffee to the homeless on our streets. They have such caring hearts and are amazing community volunteers!

Big Grove Tavern - Their monthly “Give Back” program supports local non-profits and since inception has returned over $9000 to the community.  They encourage folks to come and dine and give back at the same time.  Thanks for being so supportive to those in need.

Lee Ann Kelly – her volunteer work with CU Cradle to Career is amazing.  She has given time to this community wide effort for over 3 years – she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to making our community the best it can be for our children.

Housing Authority of Champaign County – without their support of financial resources and a facility, the Emergency Shelter for Families would not have come to fruition!