Honoring Board Members - 92nd Annual Meeting

We take the time at our Annual Meeting to honor our outgoing board officers and members. It's a great chance to tell them publicly how much their dedication to our work means.

This year we have just one Board Member whose term has come to an end - the indomitable, impossible-to-replace Lynne Barnes. Lynne has served on our Board for 10 years, serving as Board President in 2014 and Campaign Co-Chair in 2013. Lynne has brought an energetic spirit and efficiency to our Board! Under her watchful eye, United Way distributed more money than ever before through our Community Impact Fund. She also worked behind the scenes to improve access to healthcare in our community. Lynne is a strong leader and inspired the rest of our board members to always do more. Thank you, Lynne, for all you have given us.

Our immediate Past Chair is Tony Clements. During his term, Tony oversaw the update to our Community Report and led our organization's strategic plan, Vision 2020. Tony  spearheaded the creation of a Marketing Committee to increase awareness of United Way in our community, and led in the effort to create our first-ever Day of Action in June 2015. Tony served as Campaign Co-Chair in 2013. He helped us meet our goal by bringing in quite a few "Anonymous Gifts!" He also brought new ideas to our organization - Stuff the Bus was his brainchild in 2010 and ran for 4 years.

Tony was unable to be with us at Annual Meeting as he is currently handling a health issue. Mike Haile accepted Tony's plaque on his behalf, and in typical Mike and Tony fashion, took a video of the crowd to share with Tony. We hope to have Tony back in our board room very soon!