Providing hope after loss

Woman sitting on bed looking distraught

The loss of an immediate family member is one of the most difficult challenges we can face in life.

After a major loss, such as the death of a spouse or child, studies show up to a third of people will suffer negative effects on their physical or mental health.

Amanda* and her two young children experienced a sudden, unexpected loss when their father and husband Michael passed away. They connected with Family Counseling, a Community Impact Grant program that provides outpatient therapy. Because of the program’s United Way Community Impact Grant, Amanda didn’t have to worry about finding the money for the therapy she and her children needed.

The therapist worked to help the family express their grief in age-appropriate ways, support each other and begin moving forward in life. While they continue to grieve Michael, they now have the tools and supports to grieve in a healthy way. Amanda and her children are now able to carry on with meeting their responsibilities as employee, parent, students and family members.

United Way’s Community Impact Fund grants help many families just like Amanda’s cope with the unexpected challenges of life – regardless of their ability to pay. With your Community Impact Fund gift, you’re joining the fight to improve the health of every person in our community.

*While this story is real, names have been changed to protect privacy. Images are provided for illustrative purposes only.