Spirit of Caring - 92nd Annual Meeting

The Spirit of Caring award is the highest honor presented by United Way of Champaign County. It honors individual volunteers, businesses and/or organization whose values and concerns for humankind are demonstrated through their leadership, service and commitment to the people of our County. In short - they make this an awesome place to live and work. We were proud to present three Spirit of Caring awards at our 92nd Annual Meeting on February 26, 2016.

The Kiwanis Club of Champaign-Urbana

A long-time supporter of youth in our communities, the Kiwanis Club has been a community staple for nearly 100 years.  We are proud of their work to support kindergarten readiness, Little League Baseball and the Tom Jones Challenger League Baseball program.  Keep up the great work Kiwanians!

The Emergency Shelter for Families Steering Committee

Without the herculean efforts of this committee, there would not be a place for families to go and stay together in times of crisis.  When you are homeless, and have kids, staying together and being safe matter most.  Thanks to Kerri Spear, Jason Greenly, Regina Parnell, Kelly Mierkowski, Jennell Hardy and Katie Harmon.  Because of you families will be safe and off the streets!

Lynne Barnes

Talk about high energy and driven! Lynne is on the move all the time.  What is most appreciated about Lynne is her huge heart for people.  She has done so much at United Way, but truly it is what she did outside of her work with us that touched our hearts.  She started something amazing a few years back – a Christmas dinner for anyone who needed a place to go.  She helped organize food, rides, servers, clean up crews – all so that those who might be alone would have someone to share the day with.  This year that dinner served over 420 people. Lynne also served on the United Way board of directors for 10 years and was Board Chair. Thank you Lynne for your amazing heart for service!