We believe in Champaign County

Happy family with grocery cart

What does it mean to believe in our community? At our 2019 Annual Meeting, I shared a few thoughts on the subject.

Believing in our community means to stick with a problem until the solution has been found.

My mom always told me anything worth having is worth working for. Our initiative work, like Men’s Winter Shelter and the Emergency Shelter for Families, takes time. But we stick with it because we believe community change is worth it.

Believing in our community means taking a leap of faith and trying new things.

From Power of the Purse to Women United and Farmers Feeding Families, United Way continues to develop new ways to meet individual and corporate philanthropic needs. In a constantly changing world, we know our organization must be innovative to reach and engage the next generation of leaders.

Believing in our community means believing in the potential of every person.

We put this up front in our Credo: we fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in Champaign County. We all win when kids graduate from high school, people are healthy and have a job that supports their family.

Believing in our community means being bold when it’s necessary.

In order to continue to create positive change in our community, United Way must significantly grow our Community Impact Fund. That’s why United Way is being bold and asking new people to join our cause. This is where you can help! Please share the United Way message with friends and colleagues.

I believe in Champaign County. United Way believes in Champaign County.

We need you to believe in Champaign County too!

Sue Grey

President & CEO, United Way of Champaign County