We choose to Live United

Collage of United Way donors

We’re grateful for every single person who gives to United Way of Champaign County.

We recently filmed a video and had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with over 50 of our donors. It was so inspiring to hear their stories.

We heard from people who have lived here their entire lives and people who just moved here six months ago.
People working at banks, call centers, the University, and on a production line.
Major gift donors and people who give $1 per paycheck.
People with all kinds of life stories.

Their common thread? They support their community by giving to United Way's Community Impact Fund.

In a world that seems to be more divided every day, United Way’s motto – Live United – seems more appropriate than ever.

Living United, supporting your community – that is a choice that you make. When asked to give, you could choose to say “No, I’d rather go out to dinner.” Or, “I’d rather buy that new piece of clothing I’ve had my eye on.” But you didn’t - you chose to give.

And our community is better because of you.

Because you choose to give…

A mom smiles as her high schooler walks across the graduation stage with a plan for his future.

Because you choose to give…

A person fighting addiction bravely picks up the phone and finds support.

Because you choose to give…

A once-homeless family steps through the door of their new home.

These moments happen because you made the active choice to give to our Community Impact Fund. We can’t be passive if we want to improve our community – we have to fight for it. The Community Impact Fund provides critical grants to 39 local programs that are fighting for a better future.

At United Way, we fight for the Health, Education and Financial Stability of every person in Champaign County. We choose to join together, to fight for our community – because our community is worth it.

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Financial Stability