2-1-1 Second Quarter Report Available

The second quarter 2014 report for 2-1-1 is now available for download. 2-1-1's call center, PATH, provides United Way with anonymous quarterly reports detailing the reasons callers reach out to 2-1-1. The second quarter report shows that call volume continues to remain steady in our county.

One of the most valuable pieces of this report is the unmet needs analysis. United Way is using this report to track the needs in our community that are most pressing and work with local partners to close the gap in available services.

For Q2 2014, the top three reasons callers dialed 2-1-1 were:

  • Rent Payment Assistance*
  • Utility Payment Assistance*
  • Information

For Q2 2014, the top three unmet needs in Champaign county were:

  • Homeless Hotel Vouchers*
  • Homeless Shelter
  • Utility Assistance


*These needs were also in the top three for the first quarter.