Funding Cycle FY15-16 begins October 4

Public notice is hereby given that on October 4, 2013, United Way of Champaign County will host an orientation for their upcoming Funding Cycle FY 15-16.  The orientation will be held at the Champaign Public Library at 9:30 a.m. in Robeson Pavilion A and B.  In order to submit a Letter of Intent for the Program Funding Cycle, a representative from the Program Agency must be present.  Please visit our website at  to be sure your work and planned program funding request are in alignment with our requirements for funding.  Reservations are necessary to obtain your Log In and Password for the online Letter of Intent.  Reservations and questions regarding the orientation should be directed to Beverley Baker by calling the United Way office at 217-352-5151 or by email at