Response to State Budget Impasse

 Many local nonprofits are facing significant financial challenges due to the absence of an Illinois State Budget. In response, United Way of Champaign County’s Board of Directors has voted to allow UWCC-funded programs to immediately receive their final two payments of the current funding cycle to address cash-flow shortages within those programs.  Partner organizations will be required to apply for the advance in funding for approved programs and will be asked to demonstrate that the need is a result of payment delays caused by the State budget impasse.

“We will not sit idly by while the organizations that administer critical programs shut their doors,” remarked Tony Clements, United Way board chair. “These are funds that we have already planned to give to our partners, and United Way is in a financial state that we have the ability to make these payments early”.
United Way of Illinois has been advocating for the Illinois General Assembly to pass a responsible budget that recognizes the value and importance of human services. “Human services affect everyone in our community – mental health, domestic violence, developmental disabilities and more affect people from all walks of life and income levels. A strong network of human services is vital for every single person in our community,” said Sue Grey.
“United Way will continue to fundraise for our goals of Education, Income and Health. To me, the state budget crisis confirms the importance of everyone in the community coming together and supporting our human service partners.  We all have a responsibility to do what we can to make our community strong,” remarked Clements.
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