Wes Moore Question: Power of our Choices

"I don‘t want readers to ever forget the high stakes of these stories—and of all of our stories: that life and death, freedom and bondage, hang in the balance of every action we take…this book will use our two lives as a way of thinking about choices and accountability, not just for each of us as individuals but for all of us as a society…our destinies can be determined by a single stumble down the wrong path, or a tentative step down the right one."– Introduction, pg. xiv

One of the themes explored in "The Other Wes Moore" is the power of our choices. Sometimes we look back on our choices and find that a small decision we made a long time ago has made a big impact on our lives. Have you experienced this before? Did it turn out good or not so good? What would you tell others about the power of our choices? If you've read "The Other Wes Moore", what are some choices that a person in the book made that ended up changing their lives (for good or bad)?

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