Just issued: 2019 Annual Report

Hot off the press - we are pleased to present our 2019 Annual Report!

At United Way, we are passionate about creating long-term social change that produces healthy, well-educated and financially stable individuals and families.

The accomplishments outlined in our Annual Report are a credit to you – our loyal supporters. Without your support, none of this work would be possible. Thank you. 

The 2019 Annual Report covers our work and our supporters from July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019 (Fiscal Year 2019, Campaign Year 2018).


Sponsor Spotlight: Martin, Hood, Friese & Associates

Martin, Hood, Friese & Associates first began supporting United Way of Champaign County when the firm opened in 1982. Kim Martin, Founding Partner, had given to United Way through his previous employer and wanted to bring the model of community impact to his new firm. The longer the firm was involved with United Way, the more they could see the issues first hand and the more they realized that United Way understands how to serve the needs of our community.


Executive Director meetings provide big picture view of Champaign County

 United Way currently funds 53 programs across 37 agencies. While most would expect communication to be a huge challenge, our monthly executive director meetings have been instrumental in helping us stay connected with our partners. We’ve found instead a steady stream of opportunities to build relationships, address community needs, and strengthen a supportive network across Champaign County.


This Place We Call Home.

 What makes a place a home? In preparation for our Annual Meeting, we went on an adventure around Champaign County, visiting every town, village and everything in between. We talked to people at post offices, restaurants and gas stations. We found that here, home means a place you feel safe, happy and loved. Home means a community that cares for the well-being of everyone, from a new immigrant to the lifelong "townie", the young and the old, sick and healthy, struggling and prosperous.