United Way in the News


Podcast: Sue Grey, The News-Gazette, 3/6/17

Champaign Council OK’s funding for temporary men’s shelter, The News-Gazette, 2/15/17

Funding for men's homeless shelter wins Champaign city council support, WILL, 2/15/17

Options considered for funding shelter, WCIA, 2/14/17

Emergency winter shelter for men opens in Champaign-Urbana, WAND, 1/26/17

Conscientious C-U providing shelter, The News-Gazette, 1/23/17

Club helps homeless community, WCIA, 1/8/17

RACES ready to rebuild, WCIA, 1/6/17

RACES introduces new executive director, vows to rebuild, WILL, 1/6/17

Winter men's shelter for homeless starts operations, WILL, 1/5/17

Churches' emergency shelter for men opens Friday, The News-Gazette, 1/4/17


Champaign churches join forces to help homeless during winter, WILL, 12/28/16

Champaign employees donate $78,000 in charity drive, The News-Gazette, 12/23/16

Woman pushes for use of TIMES Center space as shelter, The News-Gazette, 12/16/16

C-U warming centers open as shelter efforts continue, The News-Gazette, 12/8/16

Giving Back: Charity Research, WCIA, 12/5/16

More school aged children are homeless, WCIA, 10/12/16

United Way - Walk as One, WCIA, 9/12/16

Giving Back: Walk as One, WCIA, 8/22/16

Heat warning could cause health, road issues, WCIA, 7/22/16

Budget impasse taking a toll on area social service agencies, WILL, 6/30/16

Few beds are left for area's homeless men, The News-Gazette, 6/4/16

$1.3 million from donors to keep aid coming, The News-Gazette, 5/20/16

Grant keeps non-profits going, WCIA, 5/20/16

Rape crisis center down to core services, WCIA, 5/12/16

Rape crisis center reducing operations to 24-hour hotline, WILL, 5/12/16

United Way to receive $47,000 from LyondellBasell, WAND, 3/31/17

What's next for Unit 4 land? Corn, The News-Gazette, 2/15/16


Unit 4 shows its giving spirit, WCIA, 12/16/15

New family shelter, WCIA, 12/16/15

Waiting game extends even after approval, WCIA, 12/15/15

United Way to open new family shelter, WCIA, 12/15/15

United Way family shelter to open in January, The News-Gazette, 12/14/15

United Way giving critical this year, The News-Gazette, 12/13/15

Local counties among most generous in state, WCIA, 11/25/15

Courage Connection staying open, WCIA, 11/23/15

United Way's worries and charity concerns, WCIA, 10/23/15

Emerging community leaders, WCIA, 10/23/15

Unit 4 land helps Farmers Feeding Families, WCIA, 10/14/15

United Way happy with results of leased Unit 4 land, The News-Gazette, 10/13/15

United Way working to make up state funding, WCIA, 9/28/15

United Way Champaign forwards funds to programs, WAND, 9/26/15

Clothing drive designated to benefit job seekers, WCIA, 8/21/15

Kindergarten readiness explained, WCIA, 8/19/15

Finding Your Volunteering Passion, WCIA, 8/7/15

Mom me-time, WCIA, 8/7/15

Putting land to good use, WCIA, 5/12/15

School board OKs leasing land to United Way, The News-Gazette, 5/11/15

One Winter Night fundraiser returns, The News-Gazette, 2/6/15

Work on family shelter in Champaign progressing, The News-Gazette, 1/16/15

Cold snap has local shelters working overtime, The News-Gazette, 1/7/15


Local farmer, United Way partner to help harvest hunger away, The News-Gazette, 9/19/14

United Way raises goal, hopes, The News-Gazette, 9/4/14

United Way gets motivation from speaker, The News-Gazette, 8/24/14

United Way commits funds to 53 programs, The News-Gazette, 5/23/14

Beating deadline, The News-Gazette, 2/26/14                                  

When extreme cold leaves, so do emergency shelters, The News-Gazette, 2/22/14

United Way tops goal with months to spare, The News-Gazette, 2/21/14

Homeless try to stay warm, together, WILL, 1/13/14


United Way has Prescription Discount Cards - The News-Gazette, 5/18/2013

Champaign County United Way Short of Goal by 9% - The News-Gazette, 4/9/2013

Children's Expo Saturday Morning at Lincoln Square - The News-Gazette, 4/6/2013

UI Joins Volunteers for Day of Service - The News-Gazette, 3/19/2013

Local Effects of Sequestration - WICD, 2/25/2013

Group Says Child Poverty on the Rise - The News-Gazette, 2/14/2013

United Way Helps Area Families - WCIA, 2/12/2013

United Way of Champaign introduces shelter for families - WICS, 2/11/2013

Emergency Family Shelter Opens - WICD, 2/11/2013

United Way to Use Hotels In Pilot Program Rather Than Launching Family Shelter - The News-Gazette, 2/11/2013

Beverley Baker on Emergency Family Shelter - WDWS/WHMS, 2/8/2013

Community Gets Lesson on Poverty in Schools - WCIA, 2/1/2013

Champaign Unit 4 Poverty Simulation - WICD, 1/31/2013

Poverty Simulation Scheduled Thursday - The News-Gazette, 1/30/2013


Stores Compete Against Each Other to Help United Way - WCIA, 11/21/2012

New CEO Leads Local Non-Profit - WCIA, 11/2/2012

Grey Named to Lead United Way - The News-Gazette, 11/1/2012

United Way Aiming to Launch Family Shelter - The News-Gazette, 10/24/2012

Best Selling Author Speaks to Champaign County 9th Graders - WICD, 10/18/2012

United Way Kicks Off Their Campaign - WCIA, 10/11/2012

Campus Residents Give Back Locally - The Daily Illini, 10/1/2012

Stuff the Bus A Super Success! - WCIA, 8/31/2012

ChambanaMoms help Stuff the Bus - WCIA, 8/29/2012

Stacking Competition with United Way - WCIA, 8/29/2012

Service Center Benefits from Bus Stuffing - WCIA, 8/29/2012

Stuff the Bus to Help Cunningham - WCIA, 8/29/2012

Stuff the Bus 2012 - WCIA, 8/29/2012

Stuff the Bus Part 1 - WCIA, 8/29/2012

Come Stuff the Bus Today! - WCIA, 8/29/2012

Fewer Students to Go Hungry - WCIA, 8/27/2012

United Way Sets Goal at $3.3 Million - The News-Gazette, 8/23/2012

Collection Boxes Rolled Out for Stuff the Bus - The News-Gazette, 8/23/2012

Jim Turpin with Lyn Jones and Tony Clements - WDWS/WHMS, 8/15/2012

United Way seeks to create county's first emergency shelter - WDWS/WHMS, 8/15/2012

Interim President named at United Way - WCIA, 7/30/2012

Clements Counts on United Way staff as Interim CEO - The News-Gazette, 7/28/2012

United Way announces Interim CEO - WAND-TV, 7/27/2012

Jones, Predecessor set bar high at United Way - The News-Gazette, 7/27/2012

United Way CEO steps down in August - WCIA, 7/23/2012

United Way chief takes Carle Foundation post - The News-Gazette, 7/20/2012

Lyn Jones Interview with Dave Loane and Elizabeth Hess - WDWS, 7/9/2012

Getting Personal: Lyn Jones - The News-Gazette, 7/8/2012

Champaign County's United Way is exceeding its' goals - WCIA, 6/29/2012 

Mother and daughter named co-chairs of United Way of Champaign County's 2012 campaign - The News-Gazette, 6/29/2012

United Way Announces 2.8 Million in grants - The News-Gazette, 5/24/2012

Students Collecting Underwear for the Homeless - WCIA, 5/23/2012

St. John Lutheran kindergarten class hosts "Undie 500" - WICD, 5/22/2012

Champaign City Council addresses proposal for emergency housing - The Daily Illini, 4/10/2012

Help for Harrisburg has huge impact - WCIA, 3/19/2012

Drew live at Illinois Field with United Way director - WCIA, 3/14/2012

Donate your canned food to Harrisburg - WCIA, 3/12/2012

Report: Illinois Children Faring Poorly - The News-Gazette 2/13/2012


Moore Challenges Attendees at United Way Event - The News-Gazette, 11/2/2011

 Urbana school will have assembly to remind kids of safety for Halloween - The News-Gazette, 10/30/2011

Alternative Halloween events planned for kids in Champaign - The News-Gazette, 10/24/2011

Student social experiment shows realities of poverty - The Daily Illini, 9/29/2011

United Way's Emerging Community Leaders to organize clothing drive, job tips session - The Daily Illini,9/24/2011

Campus Fund Drive Aims High - The News-Gazette, 9/21/2011

Schools Program making Believers in Rantoul - The News-Gazette, 9/12/2011

The bus was stuffed - The News-Gazette, 9/7/2011

Stuff the Bus 9.1.2 - WCIA, 9/2/2011

Stuff the Bus 9.1.1 - WCIA, 9/1/2011

Stuff the Bus 8.30 - WCIA, 8/30/2011

United Way Stuff the Bus 2011 - The News-Gazette, 8/30/2012

Stuff the Bus starts Wednesday - The News-Gazette, 8/30/2011

Make Bus Drive a Slam Dunk - The News-Gazette, 8/17/2011

Stuff the Bus Drive for Supplies Set - The News-Gazette, 8/12/2011

Website will match volunteers with opportunities - The News-Gazette, 7/19/2011

New Way to get Drug Discounts at your Pharmacy - WCIA, 4/19/2011

CCC votes to continue funding program that helps troubled teens - 4/12/2011

"Ready, Set, Grow!" Event set for Saturday - The News-Gazette, 3/31/2011

Homelessness & the United Way - WCIA, 3/15/2011

Cuts to human services sector could prove costly in long run - The Daily Illini, 3/9/2011

Conversation with Dentist Sparked United Way Donation - The News-Gazette, 1/28/2011

Liautaud gives $50,000 for dental clinic - The News-Gazette, 1/27/2011

United Way's Emerging Community Leaders a great opportunity for young professionals - The News-Gazette, 1/20/2011

Kindergarten 'readiness' session scheduled - The News-Gazette, 1/9/2011