Volunteer Spotlight

Thank you for making a difference in Champaign County!

Could there be a better gift than to know you’ve made a difference? Make time to volunteer with the ones you love – and resolve to make it a regular part of your life! For volunteer opportunites check out cuvolunteer.org

VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT - Remembering Pat. Chapel

“Pat. wanted people to feel good about doing good.” Pat. Chapel joined United Way in 1982 when the Voluntary Action Center merged with United Way. She had a true passion for connecting people with volunteer opportunities. Pat. was an expert in the subject, editing a book featuring best practices for Volunteer Coordinators. She also understood the importance of recognizing the contributions of volunteers, organizing an annual Volunteer Recognition Breakfast.

Pat. wrote a grant for United Way’s first computer in 1984 – an Apple 2E. She maintained an extensive computerized database for volunteer opportunities – at its largest, the database contained 315 unique volunteer jobs.

In 1992, Pat. organized the first Make a Difference Day. In 1995 the event was named one of the 10 best in the nation and was recognized in USA Today.

Pat. passed away November 30, 2016. Her enthusiasm for volunteerism lives on at United Way. We maintain a list of volunteer opportunities at CUVolunteer.org, and encourage the whole community to give back through Day of Action.

In Pat.’s memory, we encourage you to visit CUVolunteer.org – get out and volunteer!

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